4X4 SUV Review

There are many great cars nowadays sold in the market, with positive features, while they may lack in other features. Sport cars are usually preferred for many reasons, such as powerful engine, 4 wheel drives, excellent ground clearance, and much more.

The car 4X4 SUV is highly preferred in winter, as it can be drive easily under any conditions and kinds of roads, having also a 4 wheel drive, like no other car and small trucks. There are many nice SUV models but the 4X4 SUV car is the 2011 BuicK Enclave, and it’s among the best SUVS.  This car has many advantages, being a family car, with nice interior and tires of 19 inches, with potentially 20 inches more for the C2XL model.

REVIEW Buick Enclave 4X4 SUV
Creative Commons License photo credit: edward |Guerrero|

The car has plenty of room for passengers and also enough space for cargo and luggage, and its price ranges from $35500-44000. With this price it can be afforded by all class ranges may be the most affordable one of SUVs, and it’s highly preferred due its interior and luxury appearance in general.

The Enclave has a V6 engine and 3.6 liter, running like a sedan. It has a smooth drive and good performance, however it is better to have a V8 engine instead, Thus the vehicle can reach 17 mpg in town and 24 on the highway, which is a very good decent rate, having already good decent anyway as SUV.

Creative Commons License photo credit: MSVG

The car has 3 rows for many people to sit together, comfortably. The second row can include bench chairs or you can buy captain chairs. Upon adding captain seats, you should also order a center console. This way, you can have heated seats in the cabin, and in case you choose C2XL model you will even have cooled seats.

Among all its advantages, the car has a good warranty of 5 yrs/100000 miles. Another same warranty is the Roadside one, with same number of years and miles.

The Buick Enclave, with all its great features, such a gas mileage, appearance, space, comfort and price its classified among the first top SUV cars.